How To Change Font Size On Kobo Glo

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How To Change Font Size On Kobo Glo

Changing text and font options on your Kobo eReader. Tap the dropdown menu beside Font Face to select from a list of available fonts. Drag the circle icon beside Font Sizes to change the size of the text. Drag the circle icon beside Line Spacing to increase or decrease the space between the lines of type.
Here's how to change text size on a Kobo Wireless or Kobo Original eReader. While reading a book, press the Menu button. Select Display. Press the centre of the Navigation pad. Select the font size that is most comfortable for you. Press the centre of the Navigation pad.
Changing the font size and style while reading. Tap the centre of screen while reading. Tap the Fonts icon. Under Font Size, drag the slider to adjust the font size. Under Font Style, tap your desired font type. To save your settings and resume reading: Tap the centre of the screen.
Kobo Aura H2O Manual Online: Changing Text And Font Options On Your Ereader. Your eReader offers several different sizes of text for most books. You can .

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